Young artists association china


The Young Artists Association was one of many Chinese artist organizations formed in the mid 1980???s marking the end of the Cultural Revolution (1976) and the beginning of a "New Wave," which advocated artistic freedom and independence from official ideology. Quote: ???Openly antagonistic to official culture, they champion individualism, freedom of expression, and a radical overhaul of aesthetic concepts and forms; they reject both Chinese traditional art and socialist realism, deploying instead western modern and post-modern styles such as Surrealism*, Dada*, Pop*, and conceptual art*.??? Wei Luan, muralist, was a member of this Association. Source : ???Inside Out: New Chinese Art ??? (1998) Curated by Gao Minglu in association with the Asia Society and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art - Compiled by Irene S. Leung and Michael S. K. Siu. Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke, Art Historian and Collector, West Vancouver, British Columbia.