Yankee stonecutters


Described as the first American school of sculpture, it was developed by early 19th century sculptors who were carvers in marble and who were finacially successful because of the wealth of their patrons. As a group, work by these sculptors is represented by the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Many of the carvers were noted for work in private collections, for public monuments, and for tombstone art in cemeteries. As an ongoing influence, the Yankee Stonecutters, a description they did not call themselves, had only moderate ongoing influence other than value as social, historical and cultural documents. Among these sculptors, many who lived much of their life in Italy where they had access to quality marble, were Antonio Canova, Hiram Powers. Horation Greenough, Thomas Crawford, John Rogers and Erastus Dow Palmer. Source: http://www.questia.com/PM.qst?a=o&d=54006121