The larger point of view one has, and from which one interprets the world. A collection of beliefs about life and the universe held by an individual or a group. Also, this is the English equivalent of the German term Weltanschauung; the mind-set or outlook of a particular group, whether aesthetic, ethnic, political, social, etc. Weltanschauungs (or Weltanschauungen) are usually limited in scope to readily identifiable historical, geographical, ethnic and other groupings.About world-view: "I think the experiential test of whether this art is great or good, or minor or abysmal is the effect it has on your own sense of the world and of yourself. Great art changes you." Sister Wendy Beckett, contemporary English art historian, on BBC Radio 2, 1994. Also see anthropocentrism, artist, chinoiserie, feminism and feminist art, gender issues, issue, style, and zeitgeist.