Women's art association of canada


Founded by Mary Ella Dignam in 1886 as a Toronto art club based on the Art Students League of New York*, its members met to work together in painting, drawing, modeling and sketching from still life and living models. In 1890 the informal club had become a "women's art club" for the purpose of creating general interest in art and specifically the encouragement of women's works, through the exchange of ideas and cooperation among its members, as well as the holding of art exhibitions and lectures. In 1907, the organization was officially incorporated as the Women's Art Association of Canada by a bill passed in the House of Commons. The Women's Art Association of Canada is still headquartered in Toronto. WAAC past members have included Frances Loring, Lila Knowles and Dorothy Stevens. Source: Women's Art Association of Canada. Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke.