Winsor newton


English watercolors developed for artists, they originated with a company founded in London in 1832 by a chemist, William Winsor. The building for production was in Wealdstone, near Harrow. Winsor & Newton was the "first business of its type to fuse art with science" and became "the world's largest supplier of artist-grade watercolors". An innovation of the Company was the use of glycerin, which retained moisture. They also made the first watercolor palette, which replaced the previous method of rubbing dry cakes to produce color. James Turner and John Constable were some of the early artists to make big use of Winsor & Newton watercolors. Today, many of the Company's watercolors are enhanced with results of modern technology from the automotive and plastics industry. Source: Editor, 'Winsor & Newton English Watercolours', "Watercolor" magazine, Spring 2006. (LPD)