Wide-angle refers to a view that has or covers a field of vision (an angle of view) wider than the ordinary, to an angle of 50? or greater, as when seen through a lens of shorter than normal (50 mm) focal length. An effect of a wide-angle lens is to make subjects appear smaller or further away than they really are, and can be seen as distortion. Using a camera having a wide-angle lens is called taking a wide-angle shot. A panoramic photograph (150?-360? wide) is one kind of wide-angle image. Another extreme type can be produced with a fish-eye lens (about 180? in all directions). The opposite of a wide-angle is telephoto, the opposite of a wide-angle lens is a telephoto lens, the opposite of a wide-angle shot is a telephoto shot. In cinematography or video photography, the need for a wide-angle shot might be satisfied with either a panning or a tracking shot.Also see anamorphosis, anamorphic art, aspect ratio, landscape, and point of view.