An offshoot of Cubism, it was a brief early 20th century art and poetry movement based in London and ended by World War I. BLAST was its publication with manifesto, a rejection of realist images for an abstract method of directing the "viewer&#39;s eye to the center of the canvas with an array of bold lines and harsh colors.". Alvin Coburn and Jacob Epstein were participants. Source: wikipedia.org/wiki/Vorticis<br><br>A short-lived modernist English art movement founded in 1914 by painter Wyndam Lewis (English, 1882-1957), along with poet Ezra Pound (American, 1885-1972), who devised the group&#39;s name. To him the vortex represented "the point of maximum energy," which he saw as the essential characteristic of modern life. Vorticism was related to Cubism and Futurism, and like those movements, its momentum was greatly depleted by World War I (1914-1919). While Futurism&#39;s imagery typically involved blurred movement, Vorticism&#39;s centered on hard edges and angles, as seen in Cubism, here applied to powerful machinery and massive structures.