Vanderpoel art association


Founded in 1913 by friends of John H. Vanderpoel, the Association was a memorial to this long-time teacher at the Chicago Art Institute. The Association amassed a collection of over 600 works, many of them by Vanderpoel, but had paintings and sculptures by other artists including Rowena Abdy, Gustave Baumann, Grace Betts, Nicholas Brewer, Mary Cassatt, Emma Richardson Cherry, Jessie Benton Evans, Daniel Chester French, Albert Krehbiel, Pauline Palmer, Maxfield Parrish, Clyde Singer, Theodore Steele, Marion Wachtel and Grant Wood. The collection was first housed in Vanderpoel School at Ridge Park Field House, 96th and Longwood Drive, in Chicago. In 1969, most of the collection was moved to the Beverly Art Center building in Ridge Park, a suburb of Chicago. Source: "The Visual Delights of the Vanderpoel Art Collection", Brochure of the Association, Courtesy Sidney C. Hamper, President, 2004.