The art and technique of arranging type, it also involves creating and modifying type designs, selecting typeface, line length and spaces between letters. Source: Wikipedia/Typography<br><br>The design, arrangement, style, and appearance of type matter constitute typography. Among other things, students of typography learn about the uses of various type fonts, including serif and sans serif, capital and lowercase letters, boldface, italic, and condensed type, letter spacing (and kerning), point sizes, and the various factors affecting readability.(pr. ti:-PAH-gr&#601;-fee) Type and Typography offers basic essays on the history of type including designers, printing, and technology. FontSite. Find articles of interest to typographers and graphic artist, rules of typography, The Production Artist Survivial Guide, and a few free downloadable fonts. Monuments of the Future: Designs by El Lissitzky is an exhibit by the Getty Research Institute site devoted to this modernist Russian typographer, book designer, and architect. Includes chronology, images, and links to related resources. Also see dingbat, dry transfer graphics, font, fontography, glyph, -graph, graphic design, icon, leading, letterform, letterhead, lettering, logo, petroglyph, pica, pictograph, text, typeface, and typology.