Any instrument or equipment used to produce or learn about art.Examples: adze bridge brush brayer brush burin burnisher calipers circular saw drill easel eyedropper eraser camera caliper chisel ciseau ciselet drove gauge G-clamp gouge graver guillotine hacksaw hammer hot glue gun kiln loop tool mahlstick pantograph pick pitcher point pointing machine potter's wheel rivet gun scissors scraper Quote: ?What the film in your camera can do influences what you will do. If the only tool you have is a yardstick, you look for what you can measure. Put another way, the tools you work with influence what you are likely to think about. Measuring tools lead to quantification; the tools used in the arts lead to qualification? Elliot W. Eisner, contemporary American educator and author, The Arts and the Creation of Mind, 2002, New Haven, CT: Yale University Press.Also see Praxis, preparator, placeholder, and technology.