The arts


Visual art, music, theater, and dance.Images of the arts: Jean-Baptiste Simeon Chardin (French, 1699-1779), Still Life with the Attributes of the Arts, 1766, oil on canvas, 44 x 55 inches (112 x 140.5 cm), Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. See still life.Quotes about the arts: "The arts humanize the curriculum while affirming the interconnectedness of all forms of knowing. They are a powerful means to improve general education." Charles Fowler "With a subject matter as broad as life itself, the arts easily relate to aspects of almost everything else that is taught." Charles Fowler "The arts provide a more comprehensive and insightful education because they invite students to explore the emotional, intuitive, and irrational aspects of life that science is hard pressed to explain." Charles Fowler "The arts are the field on which we place our own dreams, thoughts and desires alongside those of others, so that solitudes can meet, to their joy sometimes, or to their surprise, and sometimes to their disgust. When you boil it all down, that is the social purpose of art: the creation of mutuality, the passage from feeling into shared meaning." Robert Hughes (Australian-American) art critic, in an address at Skowhegen School of Art in 1996 (New Yorker). Related link: is an online journal of arts and culture based in Europe and covering the arts and museum scene worldwide.Also see advocacy, architecture, art, civilization, effort, graphic arts, heritage, muse, Prometheus, and universal artwork.