The actual feel (roughness or smoothness) of a surface or the illusion of roughness or smoothness often achieved with contrasting patterns. Texture is an integral part of any work of art and ranges from actual texture achieved with sculpture or collage or the suggestion of texture through objects depicted in paintings. Source: Kimberley Reynolds and Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms"<br><br>The actual or virtual representation of different surfaces, paint applied in a manner that breaks up the continuous color or tone.<br><br>An element of art, texture is the surface quality or "feel" of an object, its smoothness, roughness, softness, etc. Textures may be actual or simulated. Actual textures can be felt with the fingers, while simulated textures are suggested by an artist in the painting of different areas of a picture; often in representing drapery, metals, rocks, hair, etc. Words describing textures include: flat, smooth (third row, right), shiny, glossy, glittery, velvety, feathery, soft, wet, gooey, furry, sandy, leathery (second row, right), crackled (upper left), prickly, abrasive, rough (first row, right), furry, bumpy, corrugated (second row, left), puffy (second row, third), rusty (third row, second), and slimey (third row, third).

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