Texas centennial exposition


Held in 1936 in Dallas, Texas to celebrate 100 years of statehood, it included an exhibition at the Dallas Museum of Fine Arts of 164 paintings, representing what curators thought was the best and most representative of Early Texas Art. Also included were over six hundred works of art for the general exhibition, one-third of which covered the development of European art from the primitives through the twentieth century. The remainder of the exhibition was devoted to American art with sections on historical works, the twentieth century, and the Southwest. Included in the Texas Exposition were paintings by Everett Spruce, Jerry Bywaters, Emma Cherry, Edward Eisenlohr, Peter Hurd and Inez Elder; Source: Bill Cheek of The Centennial Committee of CASETA, which includes Cheek, Scott Grant Barker, Michael Grauer, and Dr. Mark Thistlethwaite.