A telephoto lens is a camera lens system integrating a telescope. Its focal length is significantly greater than the focal length of a normal lens. For a 35 mm camera with a 24 by 36 mm format, a normal lens is 50 mm; a lens of focal length 70 mm or more is considered telephoto. Its view has or covers a field of vision (an angle of view) narrower (or "longer") than the normal lens, to any angle less than 35?. A zoom lens is in telephoto position when zoomed in, and wide-angle when zoomed out.Telephoto is a photographic system using telephoto lenses to narrow a field of vision, producing a large photographic image of distant subjects, making the them appear to be nearer than they really are; or photography in which a telephoto lens is used.The opposite of a telephoto lens is a wide-angle lens, and the opposite of a telephoto shot is a wide-angle shot.

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