A type of a kaleidoscope, a teleidoscope is a cylindrical optical instrument that is rotated so that when a person looks into it, the viewer sees a succession of radial designs produced by a carefully arranged set of mirrors reflecting constantly changing patterns made by mirrored images of a triangular section of whatever can bee seen through the other end of the instrument. The word teleidoscope is a hybrid of the words "telescope" and "kaleidoscope"; a kaleidoscope that turns whatever you point it toward into a radial pattern. Other kaleidoscopes multiply a view of small translucent objects (often bits of colored glass such as millefiori) in a chamber at one end of the cylinder. The first kaleidoscope was invented by David Brewster (Scottish, 1781-1868) in 1816.Related links: La Casita de Kaleidoscopes is Pat Asay's gallery in Albuquerque, NM, representing many producers of teleidoscopes. La Casita has posted photos of many of their scopes, along with videos of several. Kaleidoscopes To You has many teleidoscopes for sale too. Also see fish-eye lens, lens, mandala, projection, slide, and wide-angle lens.