Tamarind institute workshop


A center for fine-art lithography, it is a training school for master printers, a place fdor teaching and research, and houses a professional collaborative studio for artists. Tamarind is at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and is dedicated to the growth of contemporary printmaking around the world. In the professional shop, master printers work in partnership with artists under publishing agreements or by contract for custom printing to make fine, limited edition lithographs. During its 40 year history, Tamarind has produced an archive (now housed in the University of New Mexico Art Museum) of approximately 10,000 lithographs by artists of diverse aesthetic interests. Tamarind has trained nearly one-hundred master printers and has offered advanced training in lithography to hundreds of print makers from around the world. The Workshop originated in Los Angeles from the studio on Tamarind Avenue of June Clair Wayne, who in 1960, wrote and obtained a grant from the Ford Foundation to establish a structure to upgrade the status of lithography in the United States by establishing an institution for the pursuit of innovative methods of lithography. The venture was successful, but Wayne grew tired of supporting it herself because it was a diversion from her own work. In 1970, she established the Tamarind Institute at the University of New Mexico. Sources: Jules and Nancy Heller, "North American Women Artists"; Charlotte Streifer Rubinstein, "American Women Artists"; www.unm.edu/~tamarind/