The outer or topmost boundary or layer of an object. Colors on any surface are determined by how incident rays of light strike it, and how a surface reflects, scatters, and absorbs those rays. The material qualities of a surface, as well as its form and texture further determine how it is seen and felt.Quote: "In contemporary art, surface is an expression of anxiety, and no one is as anxious about surface as I am." Charles Ray (contemporary), American sculptor living in California. 1998. See anxiety, contemporary, and expression.Also see aerial perspective, angle, cleansing, coat, coated paper, curve, d?coupage, emboss, edge, finish, fluted, fold, glossy, haptic, mark, mat, mirror, moir?, opaque, pleat, repouss?, rugosity, semi-gloss, stain, stain removal, superficial, support, tangent, translucent, transparent, ultraviolet, value, and wireframe.