Extending continuously in the same direction without curves or other deviations, as might a line, edge, shape, form, space, etc. A straight angle is 180?. Some uses of straight imply a horizontal or vertical direction. Also, a quality of any communication that is direct, candid, or truthful. Or, neatly arranged, orderly, tidy, as when a mess is straightened up. Or, consecutive, uniterrupted; as when a show was open for three weeks straight. Or, heterosexual.Also see aliased and anti-aliased, alignment, axis, bias, chronology, diagonal, diameter, dimension, freehand, gender issues, generatrix, geometric, grid, heterodox, length, light, meander, moir?, measure, movement, orthogonal, parallel, perpendicular, plane, polarizing, polygon, radius, ray, regular, sequence, tangent, and twist drill.