Stereography - stereoscopy


A photographic method that produced the illusion of depth, it was invented in 1840 by Sir Charles Wheatstone. The method involved lenses spaced the same distance apart as human eyes, which, in turn provided the viewer with side-by-side images. When viewed through a stereoscopic apparatus, the effect was three-dimensional. Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote that the effect ???is a surprise such as no painting ever produced. The mind feels its way into the very depths of the picture.??? (Viewpoints) On an 1859 Lander Expedition of the Overland Route west through Wyoming, Albert Bierstadt and Francis Frost went along as artists and creators of stereoscopic images. Bierstadt's brothers, Albert and Charles Bierstadt, became well known as stereographers. Sources: Wikipedia; Gordon Hendricks, "Albert Bierstadt"; Fern and Kaplan, "Viewpoints", p. 26