An area that is not or is only partially illuminated because an opaque object is between the area and the source of light. Or, the image cast by an object blocking rays of illumination. Also, a faint indication, a vestige or remnant.Quotes about shadow: "When you draw darkness on the ground next to the shaded side of an object, you will create the illusion that the object is really sitting on the ground. There are several types of shadows we will be learning in the lessons." Mark Kistler, American TV artist / instructor. "The Twelve Renaissance Words of Drawing in 3-D," 1997. "What is the speed of dark?" Steve Wright, contemporary American comedian.Internet resources concerned with shadow: "Chalkboard" on drawing skills. The technique for drawing a shadows in perspective is explained on the page Shadow Vanishing Points; casting shadows. Chalkboard is produced by Ralph Larmann, on the art faculty member at the University of Evansville, IN. Also see chiaroscuro, crepuscular, gradation, light, modeling, opaque projector, penumbra, perspective, shade, shading, tenebroso or tenebrism, and three-dimensional.

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