Size in relation to some ???normal??? or constant size. Compare with proportion.<br><br>To identify the percent by which photographs or art should be enlarged or reduced to achieve, the correct size for printing.<br><br>A ratio (proportion) used in determining the dimensional relationship (analogy) between a representation to that which it represents (its actual size), as in maps, architectural plans, and models. This is often expressed numerically as two quantities separated by a colon (:). For example, a scale noted as "1:50." This scale would be read "one to fifty," meaning "one unit of measurement [inches, feet, meters, etc.] here represents fifty of the same units at full size." A size equal to actual size is full-scale. Sometimes scale is called "proper proportion."Also see caliper, close-up, human scale, imbrication, pantograph, pointing and pointing machine, puppet, scaling up, and visual scale.

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