See Chroma or Intensity<br><br>A color&#39;s purity of hue; its intensity. A pure hue has the highest saturation. This is illustrated in the middle ring of the color wheel below. A brilliant color is strongly saturated, and also very light in value. A deep color is also highly saturated, but has little lightness. A pale color is little saturated and has great lightness.Value and saturation are not constantly related. For example, in the other diagram above, high-saturation yellow has a higher value, while high-saturation violet tends to have a low value.Another resource concerned with saturation: "Chalkboard" on color theory, painting materials and techniques. It has a page on color saturation and intensity. Chalkboard is produced by Ralph Larmann, on the art faculty member at the University of Evansville, IN. "Saturation" is also what some call the second stage of the creative process: Researching and drawing from life experiences (memory), networking, etc. This stage is sometimes referred to as "discovery."Also see deep, fluorescent colors, shade, tint, tone and value.