Santa fe art colony


A loose knit association of artists active in the early 20th Century in Santa Fe, New Mexico, it was well established between 1900 and 1920 and remained active until 1942. Members "helped forge a robust regional art movement" and included artists and writers. About 75 artists lived there year round, and others were seasonal visitors. "The founders of the Santa Fe colony were Carlos Vierra and Kenneth M. Chapman." (Gibson, 31) Among the founding members were Marsden Hartley, Andrew Dasburg, Robert Henri and John Sloan, who is regarded as the most dominant member. Accomplishments of the Colony members including the establishment of the Museum of New Mexico in the Palace of the Governors, and participation in archaeological research led by professionals from the University and the American Archaeological Institute. Source: "Santa Fe Art Colony", Gerald Peters Gallery", Exhition catalogue by Sharyn Udall and Julie Schimmel, 2006; Arrell Morgan Gibson, "The Santa Fe and Taos Colonies". (LPD)