Roman bronze works


Established in 1897 by Ricardo Bertelli, it became the foremost bronze foundry in the United States. Its early major client was the Tiffany Studios, and in 1927, the foundry moved to Tiffany's red brick factory in Corona, New York. The foundry made the bronze accessories for Tiffany lamps and other decorative items, and also did foundry work for many 20th-century sculptors including James Earle Fraser, Laura Gardin Fraser, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Frederick Remington, Charles Russell, and Daniel Chester French. The company, owned since 1946 by the Philip J. Schiavo family, closed in 1988. Plaster models of many of its famous sculptors were auctioned, and the money was used to restore its historic headquarters, the red brick factory. Sources: Wikipedia: Roman Bronze Works;; AskART biographies