To stand for; symbolize. To depict or portray subjects a viewer may recognize as having a likeness; the opposite of abstraction. A representation is such a depiction.Quote: "Painting is an essentially concrete art and can only consist of the representation of real and existing things . . . an object which is abstract, not visible, non-existent, is not within the realm of painting." Gustave Courbet (1819-1877), French painter. See Realism. Other resources concerning representation: American Museums Index is an index of museums exhibiting American representational art with links to fully illustrated articles covering those museums' exhibitions of American representational art. Calendar of Exhibitions is a listing of current, upcoming and past exhibitions of American representational art at non-profit institutions. Cameo Series is an index of art museums' collections of American representational art. Museums are listed in alphabetical order. The index provides links to text and images for each listed collection. Resource Library Magazine is an America art magazine which focuses on American representational art. Also see analogy, appropriation, copy, counterfeit, facsimile, fake, forgery, full-scale, homage, iconography, marbling, metaphor, mirror, positive, posthumous, rebus, replica, reproduction, scale, simile, simulacrum, simulation, and statue.