Reimann school of commercial and industrial art lo


The first commercial art school in Britain, it was founded in 1936 by H.E. Reimann, a German plastics designer and educator, who had recently emigrated to London, England. The ???goal of the school was to connect art and industry and to provide students with very practical training in the applied arts ??? display, commercial art, fashion, dressmaking and interior design.??? Austin Cooper (see AskART) it???s first principal explained, ?????? each student is encouraged to think of the school as the beginning of his business career.??? The school building was bombed and destroyed during the Blitz and it was not reopened after the war. Reimann retired to Vancouver, Canada and Cooper went on to a distinguished career as an abstract expressionist. Sources: ???Imponderable Joys: The Work of Austin Cooper??? (1993), by Timothy Ray, published by the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba; ???Modernism, Commercialism and Display Design in Britain???, by Yasuko Suga, Journal of Design History (Summer 2006), published by Oxford University Press; and the London Transport Museum. Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke.