The process of directing light in a controlled way. In many cases through a translucent (usually a filmed, drawn or computer generated) image and a lens onto a screen or other viewing surface. Slides and cinema are typically projected. Computer, video, and other images can be as well.Projection can be used as a means to study art, as the end-product of art-making, or as a means by which to produce art. see thumbnail to leftHere is artist Kara Walker (American, 1969-) using an overhead projector to add imagery with large transparencies, and to cause viewers to cast shadows on the silhouette works she places on walls. Also, a projection can be an image projected in this way."Projection" can also refer to types of mechanical drawing known as axonometric and oblique projection.Also see atectonic, boss, camera lucida, camera obscura, filter, focus, kaleidoscope, magic lantern, mirror, opaque projector, optical, plan, rugosity, zoetrope, and zoopraxiscope.