A complex operation involving a number of methods or techniques, such as the addition and subtraction processes in sculpture, the etching and intaglio processes in printmaking, or the casting or constructing processes in making jewelry.Also see albumen printing, analog, aquatint, art therapy, banco, benday, censorship, chasing, CMYK (cyan magenta yellow black), collage, coning, creativity, curing, daguerreotype, digital imaging, drypoint, earth art, electroplating, encaustic, etching, excavating, extruding, ferrotype, fire gilding, galvanizing, isms, jade, lossless and lossy compression, mezzoprint, montage, negative, offset printing, optical mixing, papermaking, pasteup, photography, photogravure, planography, pour, quality control, rodding, seasoning, soldering, stenciling, tapping, tempera, thermosetting, triturate, welding, and xerography.