Prisme d'yeux


A Canadian group of artists founded in 1948, largely on the initiative of Alfred Pellan, to counteract the rising influence of Paul-Emile Borduas and Les Automatistes. Alfred Pellan, Louis Archambault, L??on Bellefleur, Jean Benoit, Jacques de Tonnancour, Albert Dumouchel, Gabriel Filion, Pierre Garneau, Arthur Gladu, Lucien Morin, Mimi Parent, Jeanne Rh??aume, Goodridge Roberts, Roland Truchon and Gordon Webber were the founding members. They had an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in February 1948. Having accomplished its goal of eroding Borduas's control of the Contemporary Arts Society, Prisme d???Yeux folded shortly after the CAS disbanded. It was active for only about 18 months. Source: "Egregore: A History of the Montreal Automatist Movement" (1998), by Ray Ellenwood. Source: Written and submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke, Art Historian and Collector, West Vancouver, British Columbia.