Potlatch collection - mountie art


An art collection from the Potlatch Paper Corporation that donated in 1981 349 original illustrations and transferred all rights, without consideration, to the Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota Duluth. Commissioned between 1930-1971, these paintings on canvas, paper, and illustration board used the Royal Canadian Mounted Police image--a powerful symbol of honesty and resourcefulness--to advertise the company's printing papers. Among the 16 artists who created "mountie" paintings are Hal Foster, known as the illustrator of many classic American comic strips, and Arnold Friberg, whose set designs for Cecil B. De Mille's movie, "The Ten Commandments", won him an Academy Award. The Tweed Museum of Art has developed comprehensive illustrated book called "The Mountie Legacy and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Illustrations, published by Afton (Minnesota) Historical Society Press, and scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2003. Courtesy: The Tweed Museum