Point group victoria canada


A group of 12 Victoria, British Columbia artists headed by Herbert Siebner. The other members were Bill West, Robert de Castro, Duncan de Kergommeaux, Richard Ciccimarra, Molly Privett, Nita Forrest, Michael Morris, Flemming Jorgensen, Elza Mayhew, Sylvia Sutton and Virginia Lewis. The focus or "The Point" of the group was to break out of the insularity geographically imposed on the mostly mature artists who lived on an island on Canada's west coast. Their exhibition space was Don Adam's Danish Furniture Store on Front Street in Victoria. The group was organized in 1960, and had its last exhibition in September 1962. Many of the members were founders of the Limners, a Victoria group formed in 1971 for similar reasons and who's survivors were still exhibiting together in Victoria in 2005 at The Moore Gallery, November 10 ??? 17, 2005. Sources: "Ciccimara - A Biography" (1988), by Frank Nowosad; "Herbert Siebner: A Monograph" (1979), by Robin Skelton; and "Herbert Siebner - A Celebration" (1993), by Robin Skelton, James Bennett and Karl Spreitz. Written and submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke, Art Historian and Collector, West Vancouver, British Columbia.