Plop art


A term of derision, a work that is non-appealing to the viewer.<br><br>Any work which is neither site-specific nor appealing to the viewer. Invariably a term of derision, this term was coined by Americans in the public art community.Quote: "Right now architecture and sculpture are calling to each other, and calling for response that&#39;s intelligent, not for more ghastly lumps of sculpture . . . which have no sense of scale and are just plonked down in public places." Anthony Caro (1924-), English sculptor. From an interview with Tim Marlowe for Tate: The Art Magazine, 1994. [Paul Fedries, in The Word Spy, reports that glop art is "an underground art movement that involves sticking chewing gum strategically on poster faces." I know of no other citation of this movement, but am keeping my eyes open!