A two-dimensional combining of photographs or parts of photographs into an image on paper or other material (a technique much used by the Surrealists in the 1920&#39;s, such as Max Ernst).<br><br>A montage of photographs.(pr. FOH-toh-m&#601;n-TAHZH)Related link: ArcSoft&#39;s "PhotoMontage" software, and a review of its abilities. Numerous posters of photomontages made this way have been published since the early 1990s, including paintings by van Gogh and Seurat. ArcSoft&#39;s "PhotoMontage" takes one photograph and transforms it into a montage of up to 1600 "micro images". The micro images are royalty-free photographs of all sorts of subjects that are placed in areas matching the overall color and contrast of the main photograph. The result is one image, that when viewed from a distance, resembles the original, but when seen close up, reveals hundreds of tiny pictures. Also see appropriation, bricolage, collage, coulage, culture jamming, d?coupage, detournement, femmage, frottage, fumage, incongruity, montage, parsemage, and pasteup.