Perspective box


Dutch, "perspektyflas" or "perspective cabinet." Developed by Dutch artists to show young art students the characteristics of perspective. The term is also known as a "peep show." The Perspective Box/Cabinet combines anamorphic images with fine art to produce a realistic image that appears much larger than the box/cabinet's interior. Currently there are only six known examples of the 17th century "perspektyflas", two of which are by the Dutch artist, Samuel Van Hoogstraten. One of these is in the permanent collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts. Submitted by Eric Conklin, Trompe L'Oeil Society of Artists, who writes:This art form has been significant in the development of fine art trompe l'oeil painting. It is my belief that they are one of the keys to the future success of artists with the study and development of trompe l'oeil in mind.