Pencil sharpener


For utility, common wood-and-graphite pencils must be pointed; sharpened. The device with which this is accomplished must be among an artist's supplies.A sharp knife may suffice; but for control, speed, and safety, there are a number of mechanical sharpeners that present advantages.For an art classroom, or any other studio in which a great many pencils must be sharpened, no sharpener surpasses a high-volume commercial electric pencil sharpener. One such machine with a heavy-duty motor is Hunt Corporation's "Boston 41" model. The cutting action stops automatically when the point is made. The Boston 41 also automatically shuts the motor off before overheating, and resets the switch when the motor is cool. It has two solid steel cutters with 30 cutting edges, and its adjustable guide sharpens various diameter pencils. It also has an extra large shavings receptacle.