Pen and pencil club of montreal


The Pen and Pencil Club of Montreal was founded on March 5, 1890 with a mandate to promote arts and letters in Montr??al. Its founding members were the artists and writers R. W. Boodle [writer], William Brymner, J. Try Davies [writer], Robert Harris, William Hope and John E. Logan [poet]. The presidency was filled by each member in turn based on an alphabetical rotation. According to the constitution, the positions of president, vice-president and secretary-treasurer were held for one year. Its artist members included, among others, Henri Beau, Maurice Cullen, Edmond Dyonnet, Joseph-Charles Franch??re, Clarence Gagnon, Louis-Philippe H??bert, Charles Huot, A. Y. Jackson, Henri Julien, James M. Morrice and A. Suzor-C??t?? [see all artists in AskART]. The club was disbanded in 1966.??? Submitted by M.D. Silverbrooke. Source: McCord Museum of Canadian History ???