A fine art term, it has several meanings. 1) A surface on which an artist mixes colors, usually with a thumbhole for stabilizing; oval or rectangular shaped; lightweight and made of hardwood that does not absorb the colors. However, some artists prefer other materials for their Palettes such as metal, plastic, glass or porcelain. 2) The range of colors used for a work of art 3) Artist organization of color for paintings. Sources: Ralph Mayer, "A Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques"; Kimberley Reynolds & Richard Seddon, "Illustrated Dictionary of Art Terms"<br><br>The surface which a painter will mix his colors. Also the range of colors used by an artist.<br><br>1) The paint mixing and storing surface of various shapes and being made of plastic, metal, glass, ceramic, or enameled trays for watercolor. Glass, palette paper, formica, and oiled wood are used for oil painting; and glass, metal, styrofoam, and palette paper are used for acrylic painting palettes. or, 2) The selection of colors an artist chooses to work with.<br><br> A thin piece of glass, wood or other material, or pad of paper, which is used to hold the paint to be used in painting; also, the range of colors used by a particular painter.