New new painters


A group of late 20th and early 21st century American painters who use abstract style simply to paint and enjoy the process and not to convey social messages or obvious themes. The goal is to focus only on the painting itself and the limitless possibilities of creation within the medium which usually is acrylic. This water-based paint is favored because it can be applied in many layers and can be added to a variety of binders. The New New Painters are especially interested in details of process such as a blob of paint, a squirt from a paint tube, the gesture of the artist and brushstrokes. However, they seldom use brushstrokes as most prefer pouring paints from buckets, spreading around with sticks, combining with bits of glass, etc. Unlike many abstract artists who wish to be perceived as intellectuals, New New Painters are not embarrassed if their work appears decorative. They deliberately use color in abundance, an expression of the richness of their American enviroment. Member artists include Lucy Baker, Steven Brent, Irene Neal, Marjorie Minkin, Roy Lerner, Joseph Drapell and Graham Peacock.In 2002, The New New Painters were featured in an exhibition of the National Gallery of Prague, Czechoslavakia as contrasts to the more self-limiting art promoted in that country.Source: Natalie Sykorova, Curator, "New New Painters", catalogue of the National Gallery in Prage, 2002.