New mexico painters


Organized June 6, 1923 by New Mexico painters who felt isolated from active art markets and exhibition venues. Original members were Frank Applegate, Josef Bakos, Gustave Baumann, Ernest Blumenschein, William Penhallow Henderson, Victor Higgins, B.J. Nordfeldt and Walter Ufer. The next year five more artists joined---John Sloan, Randall Davey, Andrew Dasburg, Theodore Van Soelen and Walter Mruk. The purpose was to exhibit together for marketing purposes in eastern and mid-western museums and galleries as well as in the West and regularly at the Santa Fe Museum of Fine Arts. In 1924, exhibition venues included the San Diego Museum, Los Angeles County Museum and the Art Institute of Chicago. The last show together of the New Mexico Painters was in 1927. Source: Daria Labinsky and Stan Hieronymus, "Frank Applegate of Santa Fe, Artist and Preservationist" (LPD)