National arts club


Located in two brownstones at 14 and 15 Gramercy Park South in New York City, the National Arts Club was founded in 1898 by the art and literary critic Charles de Kay, 1848-1935. His goal was to educate the public on the merits of American Art and to bring together some of America's foremost artists and collectors to encourage widespread support.The original membership campaign brought in 1200 charter members. The membership peaked in 1920 with 1800 persons and began to decline after World War II. However, in 1985, the Club experienced a revival, and the numbers in the late 1990s have been about 2000 names.Immediately upon its founding exhibitions were organized, and in 1906 the move was made to the current headquarters. The NAC has its own art collection, begun in 1909, and housed in the headquarters, formerly the home of former New York Governor Samuel Tilden.Credit: California Art Club Newsletter, 2/2002, Elaine Adams.