Modern art


A term with elusive meaning in that it generally refers to art that is groundbreaking stylistically and/or technically from that which has been accepted historically or is currently prevalent. Liberal Spanish writer, Jose Ortega Y Gasset wrote: "Modern art will always have the masses against it. It is essentially unpopular; moreover it is anti-popular." (9) Now acceptable styles that have been referred to as &#39;modern art&#39; include Impressionism, Pop Art and Abstract Expressionism. Source: Editors, "Arts Yearbook 1", p. 9 (LPD) (See Modernism)<br><br> Generally considered to be the period from about 1905-6 to the mid-1950&#39;s, when Pop art ushered in what is referred to as the postmodern period in art. Modern art is generally characterized by formal experimentation and exploration, and mostly seriousness of purpose. (Dada and Surrealism may be the exceptions to this rule.)