In sculpture, shaping a form in some plastic material, such as clay, wax, or plaster, and in drawing, painting, or printmaking, the illusion of three-dimensionality on a flat surface created by simulating effects of light and shadow. Source: with permission of Michael Delahunt<br><br>Representing color and lighting effects to make an image appear three-dimensional.<br><br>The (very "forgiving", highly satisfying physically and emotionally) process whereby a sculptor adds (bit by bit) wet clay or other soft medium such as wet plaster or cement or other media to build up or construct his or her original artwork - often using an armature. It is essentially an additive, not a substractive process as contrasted with carving, though substraction can also be and is often used in the process of achieving the desired shapes. (Thus "forgiving"...)<br><br> Three-dimensional effect created by the use of changes in color, the use of lights and darks, cross-hatching, etc.<br><br>A sculpture technique in which a three-dimensional form is manipulated in a soft material such as clay ? either modeling clay (Plasticine is a well-known brand) or ceramic clay ? or wax. The term also refers to the effect of light on a three-dimensional form. The three-dimensional quality of such a form is emphasized by means of light, shadow, and color. Reproducing the effect of light, shadow, and color in a drawing of such a form makes it seem more realistic. For example, see thumbnail to rightMasaccio (Italian, 1401

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