Milagro is the Spanish word for "miracle." Milagro is also a term for ex voto. In Mexico, Latin America, and the southwestern United States, milagros are small metal sculptures (usually made of silver) that believers present at shrines, typically attaching them to altars, and to statues or effigies of saints, etc., as votive offerings ? promoting the healing of sickness, successful romance, and the granting of other requests. When the offering's objective is healing, a milagro is likely to a photo of several milagros, many are heart shapedbe in the shape of the afflicted part of the body. see thumbnail to leftThe Mexican milagros shown here include a number that are crosses or hearts, the largest of which is about 3 inches high (7.5 cm).The milagros shown here are made of base silver and date from the nineteenth century. Also see amulet, charm, fetish, santo, and talisman.