Metallurgy is the science that deals with procedures used in the extracting metals from their ores, purifying and alloying metals, and creating useful objects from metals. Further information about many such topics can be found in articles about specific metals, techniques, processes, and art forms.The development of means to form metal objects is among the historical landmarks in human history. In most parts of the world its early uses followed those of stone, ceramics, and textiles. Since ceramics and metallurgy involved fire and an alchemical transformation that must have struck early humans as fantastic, they figured importantly in creation narratives. Artists in primitive cultures often doubled as shamans and priests, but smiths were even more apt to do so. The meshing of religion, economic might, social and political status with daily usefulness is especially potent in metals because of their inherent beauty and durability. In its rawest state, metal has always had high market value and quickly became the most common form of currency. The durability that made it so structurally powerful helped many metal objects survive where ceramics shattered and fibers rotted. But great worth also eradicates objects and therefore history: metal things were, and still are, continuously melted down to make other metal things.