1. The material used to create a work of art. 2. The BINDER for paint, such as oil. 3. An expressive art form, such as painting, drawing, or sculpture.<br><br>The liquid in which pigments are suspended. Also a material chosen by the artist for working. Plural is media.<br><br>1) The type of art material used<br><br>Base, such as oil, varnish, water, etc. containing the pigmentation and used as a vehicle for the pigment.<br><br>Referred to as the material used for a given sculpture. Bronze, terra cotta, plaster and steel are all examples of media.<br><br> Material or technique an artist works in; also, the (usually liquid or semi-liquid) vehicle in which pigments are carried or mixed (e.g., oil, egg yolk, water, refined linseed oil).<br><br>The material or technique used by an artist to produce a work of art.Medium can also refer to what carries a paint&#39;s pigments, and is also called a vehicle or a base. The medium is what determines what kind of paint is produced. A painter can mix a medium with its solvents, pigments and other substances in order to make paint and control its consistency. A variety of mediums are available that provide a matte, semi-gloss, or glossy finish.The Medium for the Paint medium paintlinseed oil oil paintgum arabic watercolorgum arabic gouachecasein (milk-glue) caseinegg-yolk egg temperagum triganth student temperabeeswax or other waxes encausticfresco plasterThe plural form can be either media or mediums.Be careful not to confuse "medium" with " solvent." Thanks to Julie Shaw at BCC in Chico!Also see binder, clay, cont? crayon, feather, filler, glass, ink, mass media, metal, mixed media, new media, oil, ox gall, paper, polymer clay, stone, support, synthetic, tradigital, and wetting agent.