To follow a winding and turning, seemingly random or chaotic course. Curvatious windings or sinuosities, as of see thumbnail to righta stream or path. May refer, in Greek art and architecture, to a fret or key pattern.Meanders are among the ten classes of patterns.(pr. mee-AN-dər)Example of meander in art:Brice Marden (American, 1938-), Couplet III, 1988-9, oil on canvas, 274.0 x 152.0 cm, Tate Gallery, London. In the 1980s, Marden developed a fluid and expressive style that he said was influenced by nature, Eastern mysticism, and calligraphy. In such paintings as Couplet III Marden produced webs of meandering lines that resemble roots and branches. Tim Hawkinson (American, 1960-), two works: back: Graph, 1999, red ink on chrome-coated paper on wooden panel, 96 x 144 inches; right and detail: Wall Chart of World History from Earliest Times to the Present, 1997, pen and pencil on paper, 51 x 396 inches, ACE Gallery, Soho, NY, NY. see thumbnail to leftA detail of Wall Chart exhibits the sort of meandering design Wilkinson drew all over this work ? "what appears to be an obsessivly elaborate improvisational drawing of intestines, Pre-Columbian motifs, a labyrinth of inner and outer space," said a critic on See diagram, graph, obsession, Pre-Columbian art, and space.Also see form, labyrinth, line, serpentine, shape, snake, and straight.