From a French word meaning &#39;sticky&#39; in English, it is a technique of adhering a completed canvas painting to a panel or wall with a thin coat of adhesive so that the image can become a mural. Glues for this process, which dates back at least 3,000 years, have been from rabbit skin or white lead ore. A positive of this process rather than direct application of paint to fresco is that the painting can be removed with minimal damage. Many of J.M.W. Turner&#39;s paintings in the Tate Gallery, London, have been &#39;marouflaged&#39;. Source: <br><br>A technique for attaching, with glue, mural size painting on paper or fabric to a wall.<br><br>A painting done on canvas and then cemented to a wall or panel.(pr. MAY-r&#601;-FLAZH)Also see bricolage, collage, d?coupage, femmage, frottage, fumage, montage, parsemage, photomontage, and mural.

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