Mahlstick club


A short lived Toronto artists association, it was an offshoot of the Toronto Art Students League and a predecessor to the Graphic Arts Club (later the Canadian Society of Graphic Art). The Mahlstick Club (AKA: Maulstick Club) was formed in 1899 and folded in 1903. Its objectives included bringing members together for life drawing and sketching classes, the promotion of distinctly Canadian art, and organizing exhibitions. The meetings also included extracurricular activities such as sing-songs and martial arts ??? boxing, fencing and singlesticks. Its members included John William Beatty, Frederick H. Brigden, Thomas Garland Greene, Fred Haines, Robert Holmes, Charles Jefferys, J.E.H. MacDonald, Thomas Wesley McLean, Norman Price, and Albert Henry Robson. Sources: Canadian Art - Its Origin and Development??? (1943), by William Colgate; and ???A National Soul: Canadian Mural Painting, 1860s ??? 1930s??? (2002), by Marylin Jean McKay (see AskART book references). Prepared and contributed by M.D. Silverbrooke.