Prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of appearance. Thinking less of a person whose appearance is less than ideal (too far below fashion model), or thinking more of a person because his / her appearance is ideal enough. Such factors of appearance may include the shape, color, texture or expression of facial or bodily features, hairstyle, costume, or body language. A person who practises lookism is a lookist. The earliest citation of lookism's appearance in print is in the Washington Post Magazine in 1978, which reported that fat people had coined it as a defensive word: "lookism ? discrimination based on looks." It's coinage has followed those of the words racialism / racism (1907 / 1935), sexism (1968), and ageism (1969).Also see ethnocentrism, feminism and feminist art, gender issues, humanism, idealized, isms and -ism, multiculturalism, political correctness, stereotype, ugly, xenophilia, and xenophobia.