In ancient Greece, an oil jug with an ellipsoidal body, a narrow neck, a flanged mouth, a curved handle extending from below the lip to the shoulder, and a narrow base terminating in a foot. It was used chiefly for ointments and funerary offerings. Among the other types of Greek vases are the alabastron, amphora, hydria, kantharos, krater, kyathos, kylix, oinochoe, pelike, phiale, pinax, pithos, pyxis, and rhyton.Examples:Attributed to Douris (Greek, Athenian), Atalanta Lekythos, 1st half fifth century BCE, painted white-ground terra cotta, 500-490 BCE, height 31.8 cm, Cleveland Museum of Art.Greece, Attic, attributed to the Amasis Painter, Lekythos, c. 550-530 BCE, black-figure, terra cotta, height 6 3/4 inches (17.15 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. Greece, Attic, White-Ground Lekythos With Funerary Scene, attibuted to the Thanatos Painter, High Classical, c. 450 BCE, terra cotta, Michael C. Carlos Museum, Emory U, Atlanta, GA. Xenophantos (Greek, Athens), Lekythos with Boar Hunt, c. 380 BCE, clay, height 37 cm, State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. The combination of painting and low relief, both molded and freely modeled, together with the polychromy and overloaded composition are characteristic of Athenian vessels of the time of the decline of red-figure painting.

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